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As with optics machining, AWC specializes in unique application of waterjet machining for composites and ceramics production support. Through implementation of specialized programming techniques, using precisely tuned waterjet processes, and in some cases novel tooling, AWC is able to machine-trim composite hardware with incredibly high accuracy at affordable prices. In many cases abrasive waterjet machining has been a technology enabler to allow certain composite products to be cost effective and allow these products to go to market.

Thermally Conductive Composite Fins for Advanced Heat Exchanger Technology w/ 1000's of Fins Made Possible through Precision Abrasive Waterjet Machining
Waterjet Machined Alumina Ceramic w/ Graphite Epoxy Laminate.
Note that this process is modified to provide taperless cutting and dimensional tolerances to +/-.005" with no delamination. Material System is for a vehicle up-armor application.
3D Waterjet Cutting of Graphite Epoxy Composite Laminate   General Composite Under Cutting
Graphite Epoxy Composite With Precision Edge Cutting (Surface As Cut Using Specialty Abrasives)   3-D Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Composite Extrusion
Waterjet Machined Honeycomb Composite.  Also Finished Trimmed at AWC   Multi-Axis Waterjet Trimmed w/ Waterjet Hole Drilled Composites. Completed with Fastener Inserts at AWC
Composite Avionics Frame Readied to be Waterjet Machined   Composite Avionics Frame 100% Waterjet Machined.  Over 100 features with Hole Dimensions toleranced to +/- 0.001". Panel is Undergoing Fastener Installation in the View
Precision Abrasive Waterjet Machined Composites (100% Waterjet Machined w/ 3D Programming & Indexed Tooling)
3D Waterjet Trimming Of Composite Panel
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