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AWC supports a number of architects, commercial/residential designers and the general decorative markets. Our services are used to create intricate medallions, inlays, and counter tops. In addition, AWC services various installers of Travertine and Stone where custom fitment is required. For inlays and artwork, we offer both grouted and groutless designs. Groutless fitment is enabled through our 5-axis waterjet machining capability.

Our cutting services are available for both commercial and residential customers. Waterjet cutting can be programmed from hand drawings, pictures, and from common computer image files with ease.

Abrasive Waterjet Tile and Stone Inlays   Abrasive Waterjet Tile and Stone Inlays
Simple Medallion Machined via Waterjet Cutting – Prior to installation   Coring of Decorative Stone with the Abrasive Waterjet Process (used as fence liners with posts)
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