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standard waterjet multi Axis waterjet EDM-Wire CNC milling & turning engineering
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specialized high-precision & multi axis waterjet

AWC develops special tooling and tooling path programs to achieve ultra high accuracy in cutting performance. All tools are manufactured in house using a combination of waterjet, EDM, milling, and turning as the job requires.

AWC has specially modified machines to accommodate very complex programs that resolve movement accuracy down to 0.00025”. This is not employed on every job but reserved for those challenging jobs that require this accuracy. Careful attention to rigid fixturing, elaborate tool path programming, and proper tuning of the waterjet’s dynamic parameters allows AWC to push the limit.

4-Axis Waterjet and Milled Product (Tumble Deburr Finished)   Ultra High Precision 5–Axis Machining of Titanium – Exacting tolerance held to +/- 0.0015” in all 5 Axis
Turbine Hub Waterjet Machining   Turbine Hub Multi Axis Machining
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