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standard waterjet multi Axis waterjet EDM-Wire CNC milling & turning engineering
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standard waterjet & abrasive waterjet machining

AWC performs standard, fast turnaround waterjet machining that is common in most waterjet shops today. We strive to employ the latest in technologies and streamline our process management to provide accurate parts in a timely manner.

• Included in our arsenal is Taper control to provide taperless edges. AWC’s taper control is fully articulated and software controlled on the fly to account for cutting parameters and geometry requirements.

• AWC performs water only cutting for select applications. Textiles, packaging foam, and elastomers are examples of materials that cut well with water only.

Day to day manufacturing typically includes a mix of engineered products, signage and a host of new applications that are just now finding the waterjet process to be fast and cost effective.

Large Signage   Waterjet Cut Manufacturing Tools
Exotic License Plate Frames and Artsy Stuff   Flanges Finished Machined Using the Waterjet Process
Metallurgical Sectioning of Aircraft Landing Gear for Subsequent Analysis   Engineered Products that take advantage of low kerf loss from the waterjet process
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