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facilities and equipment


AWC occupies a 12,000 square foot facility located in Huntington Beach California.

  • 8,000 square feet - dedicated to waterjet machining and general production
  • 1,000 square feet - dedicated to laboratory and quality assurance activities
  • 1,500 square feet - dedicated to assembly and non-machining production
  • 1,500 square feet - dedicated to office space

Portion of the shop showing some of
our Waterjet Stations


Equipment – Brief List


  • Abrasive WaterJet Machine (5’ By 10’ Capacity at Pressures to 55 KSI) equipped with machine Vision, high-resolution, high positional resolution (.00025 Inch), automated Z axis 3D control, and 5-Axis tapper compensating head
  • Abrasive WaterJet Machine (5’ By 10’ Capacity at Pressures to 55 KSI) equipped with multiple heads and automated Z axis 3D control
  • Abrasive WaterJet Machine (5’ By 10’ Capacity at Pressures to 55 KSI) equipped with dual pumps for multiple heads and for large-volume cutting head that increases cut rates significantly. Also includes automated Z axis 3D control.
  • Abrasive WaterJet Machine (2’ By 4’ Capacity at Pressures to 55 KSI) – Machined tailored to smaller production components. Also includes automated Z axis 3D control
  • Mitsubishi Wire EDM FA20S Advance
  • 4 Axis CNC Vertical Mill (FADAL)
  • 2-1/2 Axis CNC Vertical Mill
  • High-Speed Tacumi/Selca Vertical mill with on-the-fly NURBS interpolation and ‘Look-Ahead’ control, 1500 IPM feed rate up to 40000 RPM spindle speed
    • Full Containment Package for graphite, composites, and hazardous materials
  • Vertical Mill w/ DRO
  • Lathes, Hydraulic Tracer, Bandsaw, Horizontal Grinding Station
  • Metallographic Grinding/Polishing Wheels, Hand grinders-pneumatic, Belt Sanders (2)
  • Porting/Polishing Tools, Bench Grinders (2), Assorted Rotary Tables


  • Impregnation Vessel-Modified VARTM/RTM
  • Pressurized Curing Vessel/Autoclave
  • High Precision Lamination Press (Pressure and Vacuum)
  • 60 Ton Automated Hydraulic Press, 10 Ton Laboratory Press
  • Composites debulking Facility, Compression Molding Facility
  • Computerized Process Controllers-20 Channels, RTM Vessel/Injector
  • Assorted Jigs, Tools, and Heating Platens (>200)


  • Optical Comparator (Data Acquisition & Video Camera 0.00020 Inch Resolution)
  • Granite Flat Surface Tables (3)
  • Various Inspection Calipers, Micrometers, Dials, Gauge Blocks, and Pin Gauges, Radius gages, and thread gages
  • Non-Destructive Thermal Conductivity Test Stands (RTCHE) (2)
  • Surface-Strain Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Facility-Fully Automated Data Acquisition and Control – Non Destructive Method
  • Theta Dilatometers (2) for CTE, TMA, CMA, and glass transition measurements
  • Custom Thermal Simulator for Avionics applications and retainer evaluation requiring conduction heat transfer – System fully instrumented for energy balance assessment
  • Z-Direction Thermal Conductivity Test Stand
  • 20,000 Pound Capacity Screw Driven Instron Test Frame
    • Assorted Load Cells from 1 gram to 20 kips
  • Assorted test fixtures-ASTM, SACMA, Boeing, & Custom
  • Sigma Standard Laboratory Thermal Cycling Chamber
  • Custom Thermal Cycling Chamber
  • Laboratory Scales (0.1 mg) (3), Heat Treating Furnace (2)
  • Thermal Shock Chamber (-320°F to + 1000°F)
  • Fume Hood with Wet Chemistry Capability
  • Signal Conditioners for Data Acquisition-Stand Alone and A/D Computer Data Acquisition-Over 200 Channels
  • High Accuracy Electronic Power Supplies (4)
  • Thermal Vacuum Simulation Chambers (2) For thermal and electrical evaluation in space based systems
  • Hard Vacuum Cryogenic shroud, Hard Vacuum Test Stands (6)
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