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Electronics & Electronics Packaging Components

For complex die cutting in integrated circuits, the waterjet process is ideal for chip dicing and wafer processing. Though most devices are routinely cut via dicing saws, this process is generally limited to square or rectangular devices. For those devises that have unique geometry such as ovals, C or H Sections, the waterjet allows for easy one-step extraction of these components.

AWC also supports various manufactures engaged in electronic packaging components. The waterjet process is particularly suited for hardware that has many material types present such as metals and plastics.

Precision Waterjet Machining of Silicon Wafers for Photo Sensor Extraction – Tolerance +/- .0015 Inch On Position Using Hi Rez Machine Vision   Advanced Avionics Heat Exchanger Component (Waterjet Cut and Milled)
Advanced Hybrid Composite Electronic Heatsink Modules Manufactured Via Abrasive Waterjet and Mill Machining   Composite Hybrid Avionics Rack – Approximately 50% of the Manufacturing is processed by Abrasive Waterjet Machining
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